Setting up a BRX Performance Specialist Master List

For each performance specialist, they have a master list of clients that are assigned to them. This list contains any athlete with an active package or any client package that has expired within the last 180 days or roughly six months. 

However, we do not include any clients who left for reasons that are uncontrollable by BRX, for example, college athletes. 

For a coach to set up his client list they first need to go to the contact section of infusionsoft and go to Edit Criteria/Columns. Once you are in the edit criteria/columns section this is where we select and set the parameters for a coaches master list. You will want to set the following items:

Misc Criteria >>> Owner ID >>> Select Your Name

Custom Fields >>> Package expiration date >>> 180 days ago (Hint: its the third option for package expiration)

Once you have these fields set you can then click OK.

Now we want to hit the save button next to Edit Criteria/Columns Button and click save. Now save this list with your first name followed by master list you will also want to check the box add to users home. That way this report will conveniently display in your dashboard. 

The video below walks you through on setting up your master list.

How to set up column displays for contact list.

Now that we have the master list we are going to go over how to set up your display to display all contact fields that we think help coaches make quick informed decisions.  These fields are:

  • Name
  • Parent First Name
  • Owner
  • Email
  • Phone 1
  • Instagram handle
  • Group
  • Contact Status
  • Package Expiration Date
  • Athlete Training Package
  • Sessions Remaining
  • Lifetime Value
  • Primary sport
  • Phone 2
  • Client Category
  • Performance Testing Date
  • Last Emailed
  • Date of BIrth
  • Goals

These are the standard fields that we like every performance specialist to make visible on their contact page. However, you have complete freedom to have different fields display and we give each performance specialist autonomy to change what is displayed for them. The video below shows you how to customize the information displayed on your contact list.