*This is meant to explain the switch from the “New Client Special” to the new pricing of giving clients an additional 10% off if they come ready to pay for their first payment and pick their package on assessment day.

*As you can see above, we're giving people an incentive to pay for their first payment on assessment day. (All prices and percentage changes are based off of the normal BRX Pricing, not the New Client Special.

*The red text to the right of every price per month in the yellow/black picture is showing them how much money they'll save during the duration of the package if they come ready on assessment day with their package picked and credit card ready to process (get's more aggressive the more sessions and longer the package duration).

Why did we make the switch?

1. Providing an incentive for a longer plan purchased (steady cash flow)

2. Less moving parts on our end in terms of making sure the 1-on-1 is paid for before they start training, will make the day to day run smoother.

Whats changed?

1. No longer offering the "New Client Special"

2. THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFER, if they come to the assessment and aren't prepared to make their first payment they lose out on the deal.

3. They will be shown this info and pricing right when they schedule their assessment so they will have plenty of time to look at it before coming in.

Selling the new prices:

1. Want to get them to lock in for the longer plan.

2. Don't want this deal to come across as slimey. What I mean by that is we don't want to pressure them into paying for something they won't be able to handle. We need to always keep in mind that other people have busy lifes and some people may come from farther away. If you encounter someone that has some of these issues, tell them that they can buy the lower package and if they decide to upgrade at anytime they can do that and they will still be given the additional 10% off. Basically, if they decide to upgrade at any point it will be as if they purchased the larger session amount from the beginning.

3. The reasons why we are doing this are stated above but if they do not come prepared on assessment day with their plan picked and ready to pay, they will still be offered the normal BRX Pricing which gives them 10% off for 3-months and 20% off for 12-months.