Step 1: Go into BRX Performance Team folder and in the search bar type in New Client Guide.

    - There will be a folder titled "New Client Guide Print Out" on the MAIN DESKTOP  of the front desk computer

    - Inside of the folder you will find "New Client Guide Main Portion.pdf" and "New Client Guide Last 3 Pages.pfd"

Step 2: Verify Printing Settings

1. Make sure the main portion is set to colored and double-sided.

2. Print double-sided pages (the page below is the last page)

3. Print "New Client Guide Last 3 Pages.pfd" single sided- These are meant for people to fill them out and give them back to us, they must be single sided.

Step 3: Print and put into clear portfolio holder.

- They should be on the floor under the front desk. 

- Don't staple the papers just put them into the clear holder.

- If we're out of holders let Josh or Justin know.

Step 4: Give New Client Guide to whoever is performing the assessment.