12-Month Packages and how they work

For any of our 12-month packages you receive 20% off our standard pricing and a bulk number of sessions up front. Payment is then broken down monthlyover the next 12 months. These sessions can then be used at your convenience throughout the year. 

For example if the 96 session package is selected then you have 12-months to use the 96 sessions at your convenience the same rules apply for the 48 session and 144 session packages. Some athletes will use them at a pace of 2x/week throughout the entire year, while others will use more during their off-season coming in 3-4x/week and less during their in-season. The one key with the 12-month package is any unused sessions, expire at the end of the 12-months. 

The 12 month packages are great for having the flexibility to adjust training frequency through out the year and comes with great cost savings as well.  If you have any questions about what package to go with feel free to schedule a time to talk with us on the phone. 

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FAQ: I am not sure what package to use because I want to ensure we get all our session in.

If you are not sure what package to go with then start with the package with the lower amount of sessions. The reason we recommend all of the lower sessions is because we can easily add more sessions to the agreement if needed. For example if you start with the 96 sessions and use all of those we can then upgrade the package to the 144 session package and add sessions at the per session price of the 144 package. This is why we recommend going on the lower number of sessions and we can then later upgrade the package.