In regards to Samson, we don't have a specific age we make a cut off at.  Having said this, when dealing with prospective athletes ages 13 and below, we are completely transparent with parents about several points:

1) Although each training session for all BRX clients is very coaching intensive, BRX is not a 1-on-1 training facility.  Athletes must have a level of accountability to absorb coaching cues and be motivated enough to execute the drills to the best of their ability when a coach leaves to work with another athlete.

2) During peak times of the year (summer and winter), BRX can be a loud, intimidating place for youth athletes to train at.  Having said this, one thing we make a significant effort to do is make younger athletes feel welcome and their experience a fun one, especially the first 3-4 visits.  Hopefully Calvin can attest to this!

3) Athletes ages 13 and below must demonstrate an above-average level of maturity, focus, and concentration to be able to train safely at BRX and receive benefit from their training sessions.

My point is not to be negative, but rather to be completely up front about what to expect for younger athletes in our facility.  In fact, we have two 11-year olds who do a terrific job at our facility.  In other cases, we have discussed with parents after assessment day that it might be best to wait a couple of years so we don't put their child in harm's way.  We can always start with an assessment and make a judgement call together from there!

If you'd like to have Samson in for an assessment, the next step would be to fill out the Athlete Analysis form on our website like you did for Calvin.  Once we receive it we'll follow up with the next steps!