1) Restock water

Make sure the mini fridge in the lobby is full of water.  If shelves are not completely full and we have no extra cases of water, get cash from Josh, Dan or Brooks and go to Walmart. Get at least 3 cases of water.

2) Prepare lobby for clients

  • Declutter the front desk and makes sure it looks organized. No extra paper out, trash disposed of and no clutter. Dust front desk and computer area.
  • Make sure lobby is spotless and presentable. 
  • Make sure trash and recycling are not filled. If bins are more than halfway full empty them into the trash bin in the main gym.
  • Organize Keurig station and fill with water (notify staff if we need to order pods). Wipe up any spilled coffee.
  • Organize supplements and clothes area. Makes sure supplements are presentable clothes are folded and shelves are dusted.

3) Make sure bathrooms are presentable and stocked of TP/PT/Soap

  • No trash is on the floors if the floor has stains or dirt on it steam mop or Swiffer floors.
  • Trash cans filled more than half way empty trash into the main bin in the gym area.
  • Make sure there is toilet paper roll on the wall and at least four extra rolls.
  • If paper towel or soap is less than halfway filled, re-stock them.

4) Look through staff offices for cardboard boxes

If there are empty cardboard boxes in any staff office, fold them up and take out to the trash bin.