Step 1. Identify order email

Step 2. Log in to e commerce site.  Click here >>> Username: Password: Scaps12345

Step 3. Print invoice

Step 4. Print 

Step 5. Go to Username: BRX Password: Scaps12345

Step 6. Enter in shipping address

Step 7. Select the service based on order size. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Medium Boxes are less expensive than Large Boxes. If an order does not fit in a large box, please use your best judgement by filling the remainder in a medium box.

Shipping Chart

Medium Priority Mail Box     Large Priority Mail Box
Single Throwing Set             Yes (Long Box) No
2-3 Throwing sets     Yes (square box) Yes
4 Throwing Set     no     Yes
6 Throwing Set 2 sets go in this box     4 Go in this set
Single hitting set  Yes         No
Two Hitting Sets No No

Step 7. Adjust printer settings

Step 8. Package box with one set of balls.  Place one of the following into a box 100 g, 150g, 225g, 450g, 1000g, 2000g. 

Step 9. Last step is to schedule a pick up. Click history >>> Schedule USPS Pickup. A new screen will load once the screen has loaded Click Schedule Pickup >>>> All eligible Pickup. 

You can also select the check box to individually select packages to pick up.